Martin County: “We’re Special!”

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Martin County


The last 6 months has exposed two axioms we’re told about Government and power but don’t often see it out in the open.  One being; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  The other is “Government is not the solution; Government is the problem”.  The COVID-19 “State of Emergency” has given protection for our Local Board of County Commissioners to over step and misrepresent the Taxpayers.

First, the mask mandates and lockdowns effectively create Martin County as a US Constitution Free Zone! Is that what Commissioners Smith and Ciampi mean by our County being “special”?  Secondly, the MC Fire Rescue contract and now the garbage contract process both being decided with clear cronyism and graft.  It lowers any semblance of Integrity or decency in bad faith. Moving the goals posts is this Boards favorite tactic. Where is TCPalm exposing them for it?  The commitment of the BOCC to @ 20% raise to the MC Fire Rescue during a recession or possible oncoming depression is irresponsible and as terrible as was building a Waterpark that loses $400,000 a year or remodeling a Public Golf course costing we taxpayers twice what they estimated.

Garbage Contract

The entire Garbage contract bid process at this past BOCC meeting best exposes the old boy game and unprincipled way of doing business that is Martin County’s dirty little secret.  The meeting was a sandbagged intentional production reminiscent of the erroneous and/or intentional productions that were the early Covid meetings starring Robert Lord of Cleveland Clinic lying by omission and Caroline Vitani from the FDOH spreading questionable (at best) info from that haphazard collection of incompetence. Who casts these “Experts”?

This past meeting was collusion on parade with cronies and their dependents posing heart felt stories of familiarity and charity that doesn’t fool any of us who are on to the game. Donations that come from taxpayer funds to Waste Management who contribute to the local charities and functions that they get to write off.   Then we get to fund via the higher rates this BOCC has committed us to.  This Board of Commissioners and their handlers, Admin Kryzda, and small print Attorney Woods, give the cover for our BOCC to act like a body of despots without any semblance of integrity and honor.  I am appalled by the lack of integrity and decency by this Board.  They represent the people of Martin County poorly when they operate without principle and ignore their oaths of office.

I too used to think we were a “Special” county that had wholesome, decent and principled shared values and Government. Evidently with this collection of unopposed Commissioners without integrity and principles, I was wrong.  We’re Special alright, just like PBC, Broward and Miami-Dade.  Great Job BOCC, that’s your legacy!


RJ Pozzi


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