Town of Sewall’s Point Mayor Frank Fender Should Be Removed From Office – by Mona Leonard

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Martin County

Seems the corruption DOES begin at home with our politicians. It is no wonder our county, state and country are in a precarious situation because for far too long, we, the people, have stood idly by while politicians push their self-serving agendas. Fortunately, we cannot “un-know” what we now know.

Challenging these corrupt politicians by running for office may not sound like something you are interested in doing. That makes you like many people in America. I have heard it for weeks now when I press people to get involved, run for office, clean out the corruption! “Oh, I don’t have time, I have a fulltime job, I’m retired and there are things I want to enjoy…” the excuses go on and on.

Unfortunately, if good people do not run for office (yes that is you), expect nothing to change, other than a Communist takeover of everything we hold dear. It is already baked in if good people do nothing. It is a case of complainers that enjoy wringing their hands while Rome is burning! If we do not each take up the cause to regain control of our country, we are leaving our children and grandchildren a nightmare they will not wake up from.

During this election season, some very disturbing information came to light about the Mayor of Sewall’s Point. Mayor Frank Fender not only did not take Code of Ethics training (a required, annual, 4-hour course for municipal officeholders), he may have forged a certificate! Clearly fraud is no stranger to this corrupt politician. He has cost our town money, time, and friendships, and while his Biden-loving posts on a public Facebook page, Sewall’s Point Neighborhood Watch, make us all sick, he’s conveniently managed to scrub all his posts since he’s the administrator of this page.

Sewall's Point Mayor, Frank Fender

Sewall’s Point’s Nefarious Mayor, Frank Fender

He, like so many Progressives, thinks he is above the law. When I made statements October 13, 2020, at the public town meeting about his lack of documentation, he made no comment. The Town of Sewall’s Point has requested the documents from him several times, thanks to residents sending Public Records Requests to the town. His response? “Send me an invoice.”

This guy HAS to go! On a Commission of five, three are Progressives. You can see where I am going with this. The town does not have a chance when 3-2 votes still pass everything they want on their agenda. Some are Republicans (RINO’s) but vote to line their own pockets or businesses right along with the Progressives.

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners are no better! How did they justify spending $45M MORE of our tax money over an 8-year period because they are unwilling to use another company (Waste Management holds the contract) to pick up our trash? They are a disgrace, and they are NOT above the law, unless we sit by and do nothing!

Get involved! Run for office! Let us take our country back! Our children and grandchildren are counting on all of us! The Founding Fathers were aware of many of the weaknesses of our Republic. From the beginning, they wrote about the need for ALL Americans to stay involved and engaged. As John Adams said, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” And Our Founding Father Benjamin Rush said, “Where there is no law, there is no Liberty.”

Now, with Fake news, foreign interference, and major corruption, our job should be apparent. Freedom is not Free! If we all come together, we can do mighty things!

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