Howard Tipton Mandates Masks then Doesn’t Wear Them

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Covid-19, St. Lucie

Rules for thee but not for me.

Notice everyone in the room is wearing a mask except for the guy that put the mandate in place.

He’s so full of crap he’s putting his hand over his intestines during the pledge.

Fire Howard Tipton, St. Lucie County Administrator

Dear County Commissioner,

Recently, County Admnistartor Howard Tipton has proven to be an ineffective administrator and completely out of touch with St. Lucie County.

At the October 6th, 2020 meeting Mr. Tipton stated that the mask mandate, which he devised, has had zero impact on St. Lucie County.

I find this to be appalling and indignant to the suffering of those his policies have affected.

During that meeting, Tipton claimed zero impact on unemployment. However, his own stats show that unemployment in August was 37% higher than in March. That is a huge number of people who have lost their business, been put out of work, and unable to find new work. Many business owners lost years of hard work and savings and are dismissed without empathy or sympathy by Tipton.

St. Lucie County is made up of tens of thousands of people who have been impacted by this mandate. People have been negatively impacted from retail to tourism to restaurants and bars to medical offices.

Tipton is so out of touch with the public he is supposed to serve that he cites permits and sales tax receipts as proof there has been no impact on the community. Yes, housing and home services have done well. Big corporate stores have done well being able to scale new delivery and pickup options. Main Street businesses have not. Many have closed and will never reopen.
Yelp has done a study showing 60% of shuttered businesses will not reopen.

Mr. Tipton has significantly hurt the residents he is sworn to serve. Worse, he is clueless as to the destruction he has caused people.

In addition, Mr. Tipton has taken vast grabs of authority under the state of emergency.

I urge you to fire Mr. Tipton with haste before he does more irreparable damage to St. Lucie County.

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