Lyin’ Ed Ciampi Is A Wannabe Elitist Hypocrite Who Wants Mandates For You But Not For Himself

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Covid-19, Martin County

Martin County Commissioner Creepy Ciampi says he wants mask mandates in place and will stick with them as long as “doctors” say so. The thing is, Lyin’ Ed doesn’t follow the mandates himself. Anyone who knows this creep can tell you he doesn’t follow his own edicts whenever he’s in public.

The video clip of him saying he wants to keep the mask mandate is on October 13. Notice how he mocks members of the public that are against mandates. Mere days later on October 16 & 17 he was at large events not following his own mandates.

Creepy Ciampi has done this throughout the past few months. He is a wannabe elitist who’s really just a lying hypocrite creep.

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